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Re: lists.debian.org vs google groups

Michelle Konzack wrote:
Am 2006-04-12 12:57:56, schrieb Mike McCarty:


A better solution to this is to use something like


This results in the sender being unable to find the destination,
and eventually giving up on sending the  email in the first

It does not work... Most ISP's reject messages with invalid "From:",
"Sender:" and "Reply-To:" such...

If I rtry to send with <linux4michelle-spam@freenet.de> or with <linux4michelle@NOSPAMfreenet.de> all of my 17 ISP do not let me
send any messages...

Then *neither* method works for you. So, how can this be an
argument against one versus the other?

And how can recipients repond to such messages?

They must edit every messges they want to respond...
Sorry, this is not serieuse at all.

Oh? Well, I'd better quit posting here. My messages are
being deleted. Or something. And nobody can reply to me.
Except by editing my return address. But I have to edit
the return addresses EVERY TIME I POST HERE because
of the way the mail list is set up. So you advise that
I quit also for that reason.

If I need to edit E-Mails to respond to someone,
I discard my Reponse to him/her...

Reply to the list and you won't have that problem,
will you? Or will you? I do. Every post.

This message made from 100% recycled bits.
You have found the bank of Larn.
I can explain it for you, but I can't understand it for you.
I speak only for myself, and I am unanimous in that!

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