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Re: lists.debian.org vs google groups

Sumo Wrestler (or just ate too much) wrote:
Pascal Hakim wrote:

Making people subscribe is a barrier to entry, and we want to make it as
easy as possible for people to contribute. [...]

That makes sense to me. I think that some people are confused about the
difference between spam sent to their inboxes and spam sent the list.

Some people don't know how to filter list messages to a separate folder,
so when a spammer sends mail to their inboxes, they think it comes from
the list.

I'm a list subscriber, despite the open posting, and I can testify that
almost no spam makes onto the list.

Unfortunately, when people post to the list, spammers get their e-mail
addresses, and most people don't know how to create "smart" e-mail

My e-mail address is "rather uninviting" to spammers :)

Apropos of this, it could be done better.


has a valid domain, which results in actual sending and delivery
of an e-mail. Robots which mine this address will flood the net
with e-mails which must be discarded by earthlink.net.

A better solution to this is to use something like


This results in the sender being unable to find the destination,
and eventually giving up on sending the  email in the first

Just my $0.02 worth.

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