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Re: lists.debian.org vs google groups

Pascal Hakim wrote:

Making people subscribe is a barrier to entry, and we want to make it as
easy as possible for people to contribute. [...]

That makes sense to me. I think that some people are confused about the
difference between spam sent to their inboxes and spam sent the list.

Some people don't know how to filter list messages to a separate folder,
so when a spammer sends mail to their inboxes, they think it comes from
the list.

I'm a list subscriber, despite the open posting, and I can testify that
almost no spam makes onto the list.

Unfortunately, when people post to the list, spammers get their e-mail
addresses, and most people don't know how to create "smart" e-mail

My e-mail address is "rather uninviting" to spammers :)

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