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Re: Using Ubuntu when I'm used to Debian.

Chris Metzler wrote:
On Wed, 5 Apr 2006 14:19:12 -0400
Hal Vaughan wrote:

And that proves even more that you are not volunteering your time
unless you get something for it.  That's not volunteering.
Volunteering is giving without expecting a ROI.

This is fiction.  Everyone who volunteers gets a return on their
investment; without it, they wouldn't volunteer.  That "return"
may not be in some sort of traditional form like cash, goods, or
services; but if the volunteer absolutely truly got nothing out
of it -- no sense of satisfaction, no gladness at having been
able to help another, absolutely nothing -- then there is nothing
to drive the volunteer towards that activity as opposed to another.

That isn't what he was responding to. The term the IRS uses is
"intangible benefit", I believe. But what he referred to was
the specific point made that what was built was built specifically
because the builder/implementer found it useful himself, and
for no other reason. By any definition, this is not volunteer
work. Allowing others to use the results is a bonum, yes, perhaps
even a mitzvah, but not volunteer work.

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