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Re: Using Ubuntu when I'm used to Debian.

On  4 Apr 2006, Hal Vaughan wrote:

> I never said they were hostile toward me.  And that is not what I've
> seen in terms of complaints.  It's usually along the lines of "Why
> can't they edit text files, like we do?"  I have yet to see someone
> complain that the problem with a gui or easy-to-use config program
> is that it creates problems (other than Webmin).

        Let me put it this way: I volunteer my time to scratch an
 itch, usually something that I need for myself.  I also am concerned
 with code complexity, ease of maintenance as well as ease of use,
 and ease of use vs ease of learning.

        When someone asks for a feature I don't think adds enough to
 be worth the time, I probably won't do it -- though  well formulated
 patches are still likely to be accepted.

> I think you've completely mistaken my point about suggestions, and
> just assumed I was taking it personally.  My point is that whenever
> an easier way comes out, or someone suggests something easier, there
> is usually hostility from some groups.  It's the "it was good enough
> for my grandfather, it's good enough for me" attitude.  It's also
> the, "It's hard, it takes a geek to understand, and that's the way
> it should be" attitude, as opposed to, "Well, it's different, it's
> not my way, but it works for those that don't have time to learn
> everything about Linux but want to use it."

        I detect a great deal of hostility in the preceding
 paragraph.  As an author/maintainer, the package is working well
 enough for me. If there is a feature request, someone has to convince
 me of the ROI of time for me to consider doing it. If you really
 really need the feature, and demand I implment this, send me email
 off line to ask for my consulting rates.

        If you think this is hostile, I am sorry, but you are not
 paying me well enough to sugar coat my communication.

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