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Re: xdebconfigurator output to file

the redirection will work for sure.
xdebconfigurator -x | more 
as well and of course 
xdebconfigurator -x | less 
for the less fans

At 08:03 PM 9/19/2005 +0200, Louis Woods wrote:
>I have just installed xdebconfigurator to get some clues about some of 
>the hardware in my laptop. When I run "xdebconfigurator - x" there is so 
>much information returned that I can't read all of  it; I am on the 
>command line and can't (or don't know how) to scroll back up to the 
>beginning of the output. Therefore I was wondering if there is a way to 
>redirect that output to a file. I was hoping I could do something like:
>xdebconfigurator -x > output.txt
>xdebconfigurator -x | pico -w output.txt
>Obviously I am very new to Debian (and Linux) and greatefull for any 
>Thank you,
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