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Re: absurdly simple LAN problem

On (15/09/05 15:18), Anthony Campbell wrote:
> I've struggled with this one for months! Much perusing of HOWTOs and
> googling hasn't helped.
> I have two computers, desktop and laptop, and a wireless router and ADSL
> modem. Both machines reach the internet without problems, one via a
> cable link to the modem, the other via  a wireless link to the router.
> However, they do not communicate with each other. I cannot ping from one
> to the other though I can ping localhost on each. Turning off the
> firewall (shorewall) does not help.
Unless I'm being really dense, I'm not surprised they don't communicate;

Can you elaborate on exactly how they are connected?

PC ---------> ADSL modem -----> internet

Laptop ------->Router------> ?

My point being how would they communicate?

I suspect what you need is:

PC -----------> Router------>ADSL modem 
Laptop ---------|		

I accept that I may have totally misunderstood ;)  Is the ADSL modem
also a router?  In which case it may be in it's configuration.



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