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Re: absurdly simple LAN problem - SOLVED?

Anthony Campbell wrote:
On 17 Sep 2005, Anthony Campbell wrote:

After some more experimentation I seem to have got ping to work in both
directions, by means of the following:

1. There is a page in the router set-up which shows attached devices;
the laptop appears here as, for some reason.

2. I removed (instead of just stopping) shorewall and also bastille on
both machines.

I can now ping in both directions, using the above IP address for the
laptop. I don't fully understand what is happening but at least it seems
to be working so far.



I have a netgear router which allows me to assign fixed LAN addressess to my connected PC's so they always get the same address no matter which order they are switched on. This may help you, or it may not :), check the router manual.


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