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Re: adventures with window managers

Kai Grossjohann on 14/09/05 13:01, wrote:
Adam Hardy <adam.ant@cyberspaceroad.com> writes:

When I use ALT-Tab to cycle thro all open apps, I would like to see all apps in a list or a row with the current selected app highlighted. I saw one window manager doing it just how I like it but don't remember which one now.

WindowMaker does this, I think.  Then, sawfish can do it with an extra
module.  Lessee...  Perhaps merlin-ugliness is the package in question.

Thanks Simo, Kai.

Just made my desktop environment 100 times better.

That last problem above is the sticking point - I'll check out the docs and the mailing list for enlightenment to see if I can find a way of changing it. If not, I'll defect over to sawfish or wmaker.

There's another niggle I've got but it's trivial - underneath my top panel from gnome, is the panel from enlightenment and the only advantage I can see for it is that as Simo said you can middle click it and get the list of open apps. Is there anything else you can do with it? I can't stick applets on it so it looks pretty vestigial.


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