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Re: adventures with window managers

Adam Hardy <adam.ant@cyberspaceroad.com> writes:

> When I use ALT-Tab to cycle thro all open apps, I would like to see all 
> apps in a list or a row with the current selected app highlighted. I saw 
> one window manager doing it just how I like it but don't remember which 
> one now.

WindowMaker does this, I think.  Then, sawfish can do it with an extra
module.  Lessee...  Perhaps merlin-ugliness is the package in question.

> I would like to have focus when I click on any part of a window, not 
> just the title bar.

This is the behavior for many window managers.  I think all of the
ones that do click to focus allow this.  (For twm and derivatives, it
might be difficult to do.)

Some window managers have a setting that allows you to choose whether
or not the application should receive the click that gives focus.  I
have configured sawfish such that a button 1 click is passed through,
but a button 3 click is swallowed.  This means if I have a window
where clicking somewhere might do something I don't want, then I click
mouse 3 and the window gets focus without receiving any click event.

> I'd also like to have a key combination that will call up the gnome 
> log-out dialog. Used to be ALT+F1 in metacity in my original 
> installation but I've lost it since.

I think that's a Gnome configuration.  I'd search in the Gnome
keyboard configuration dialogs.

> I also want to restrict the desktop to just one instance, I don't use 
> this feature. I keep finding mis-clicks with the mouse or a fumble on 
> the keyboard (does happen!) throws me into another desktop.

This is probably also a Gnome setting.

Are you using Gnome?  I think you said that you were using Gnome
together with some non-default window manager.  In that case, some
settings might be controlled by Gnome, rather than the window
manager.  When in doubt, search for the same setting in the Gnome
configuration thingy and also in the window manager configuration and
try changing it in both places to see what happens.


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