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Re: adventures with window managers

Kai Grossjohann on 14/09/05 09:16, wrote:
Adam Hardy <adam.ant@cyberspaceroad.com> writes:
I discovered that sawfish, metacity and enlightenment work. Blackbox and uwm don't (weird effects happen instead though - quite interesting!).

Still to try wmaker and a couple of others.

I haven't found a window manager fulfills all the little quirks that I want a window manager to perform yet.

I've also tried many window managers.  Which little quirks do you

I find that little things can really make a big difference.

When I use ALT-Tab to cycle thro all open apps, I would like to see all apps in a list or a row with the current selected app highlighted. I saw one window manager doing it just how I like it but don't remember which one now.

I would like to have focus when I click on any part of a window, not just the title bar. It's taking a while to get used to enlightenment, since I can use the mouse to select text in a window without actually selecting the window, and then when I press delete, it deletes something in the other window, not the text. Sounds weird, and it is!

I'd also like to have a key combination that will call up the gnome log-out dialog. Used to be ALT+F1 in metacity in my original installation but I've lost it since.

I also want to restrict the desktop to just one instance, I don't use this feature. I keep finding mis-clicks with the mouse or a fumble on the keyboard (does happen!) throws me into another desktop.

The list would go on but I don't want to bore you,


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