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Re: adventures with window managers

Kai Grossjohann on 12/09/05 11:58, wrote:
Adam Hardy <adam.ant@cyberspaceroad.com> writes:

I didn't realise Gnome was a window manager. Yet it runs with sawfish. Makes me think I should be able to choose Gnome and Enlightenment, but how?

Gnome is not a window manager.  Gnome contains many programs, one of
which is a window manager.

There should be a Gnome setting for changing the window manager.  So
you could try that.  Alas, as I don't use Gnome myself, I don't know
where to find that setting.

by changing the window manager command in here


I discovered that sawfish, metacity and enlightenment work. Blackbox and uwm don't (weird effects happen instead though - quite interesting!).

Still to try wmaker and a couple of others.

I haven't found a window manager fulfills all the little quirks that I want a window manager to perform yet.

This thread is turning into a bit of monologue. Does nobody else have issues with their window manager? Or even better, solved them?


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