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Re: adventures with window managers


My two cents to the window manager monologue... :)

On Wed, Sep 14, 2005 at 10:17:42AM +0100, Adam Hardy wrote:
> Kai Grossjohann on 14/09/05 09:16, wrote:
> >Adam Hardy <adam.ant@cyberspaceroad.com> writes:
> >>I discovered that sawfish, metacity and enlightenment work. Blackbox and 
> >>uwm don't (weird effects happen instead though - quite interesting!).
> >>
> >>Still to try wmaker and a couple of others.
> >>
> >>I haven't found a window manager fulfills all the little quirks that I 
> >>want a window manager to perform yet.
> >
> >I've also tried many window managers.  Which little quirks do you
> >want?
> >
> >I find that little things can really make a big difference.
> When I use ALT-Tab to cycle thro all open apps, I would like to see all 
> apps in a list or a row with the current selected app highlighted. I saw 
> one window manager doing it just how I like it but don't remember which 
> one now.

I'm using enlightenment and while there is no 'list' with Alt-Tab, it
still goes through all the apps and raises them with focus each in turn
with Alt-Tab.

There is also a list of the applications with middle-click to the
Dragbar, but the Dragbar might be under the apps if there are a lot of
apps open in the desktop.

> I would like to have focus when I click on any part of a window, not 
> just the title bar. It's taking a while to get used to enlightenment, 
> since I can use the mouse to select text in a window without actually 
> selecting the window, and then when I press delete, it deletes something 
> in the other window, not the text. Sounds weird, and it is!

This sounds very weird. I have set the 'Focus follows the mouse' so
whenever I click a window it gets the focus and I know which window I'm
working with.

Also somebody pointed out the annoying 'focus stealing' when opening
e.g. firefox and working with another application while waiting the
firefox to open. In enlightenment I have unchecked the 'All new windows
first get the focus' and now I can work with another application while
firefox opens without firefox stealing the focus :)

> I'd also like to have a key combination that will call up the gnome 
> log-out dialog. Used to be ALT+F1 in metacity in my original 
> installation but I've lost it since.

In enlightenment Ctrl-Alt-Del brings the logout-dialog. Note: it is
different from Ctrl-Alt-Backspace which probably kills the xsession. It
is a bit weird because I have ctrlaltdel:/sbin/shutdown in my inittab,
but I guess enlightenment keybindings overwrite it. It can probably be
changed but I haven't bothered because it works.

> I also want to restrict the desktop to just one instance, I don't use 
> this feature. I keep finding mis-clicks with the mouse or a fumble on 
> the keyboard (does happen!) throws me into another desktop.

I'm not sure if this is what you mean but in enlightenment the Virtual
desktop settings and Multiple desktop settings can be set to just one

> The list would go on but I don't want to bore you,
> Adam

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