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Re: X won't start having upgraded from xsever to xorg

Gu Xiaoyang on 14/09/05 05:46, wrote:
I think that there should be a log file in /var/log. Its name is like
Xorg.0.log. Please check that file to find what happened.
Btw, when the system freeze, you can try to ssh login from other
machine, this maybe works.
Good LucK!
On Tue, Sep 13, 2005 at 09:00:00PM -0700, Tong Sun wrote:

This is a real emergency. My X won't start now, having
upgraded from xsever to xorg. Is there any way I can have my X back?

to escape from x, the key combo ALT-CTRL-Backspace will kill it and everything running.

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