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Re: Help!

Carl Fink wrote:
> So make that harder.  A well-written piece of software doesn't leave systems
> unbootable.

    When you're messing with partition tables that is a high possibility when
one doesn't know what one is doing.  That isn't the software's fault!  You
can't code away ignorance or stupidity!

> It's a common feeling among some computer people, that only experts should
> even be considered.  It's also (IMO) wrongheaded.

    We're not talking experts.  We're talking... READING THE DOCS!  It doesn't
take an expert to do that.  It takes someone willing to learn.

> You think that putting the documentation INTO the program is the same as
> making the user lazy?  

    Take a field trip to B&N or Borders and walk into the computer books
section.  Look at the amount of general computing books and Linux specific
books out there.  You propose putting several of those into the install program.

> Your analogy is flawed.  It's more like you're saying "You shouldn't expect
> power tools when doing an engine replacement.  Anyone who can't do it with a
> screwdriver and a crescent wrench is lazy and untrained."

    No, my analogy is dead on.  If you don't read the manual on how to put the
engine together in the first place IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT TOOLS ARE PROVIDED.

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