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Re: Top posting (a different point of view)

On Fri, 10 Jun 2005 09:09:26 -0400, Patrick Wiseman <pwiseman@gmail.com> said:

> My usual practice, actually, is to edit and interpolate, as if we were
> having a conversation.

(Did you mean interleave rather than interpolate?)  Yes, that is the way
things should be.  Anyone who bottom posts without appropriate trimming
or posts just a big block of text without proper interleaving also
should be taught how to reply correctly.

>>> ... I have my email ordered most-recent-first, and it saves me a
>>> _lot_ of time, whether the individual emails are top- or
>>> bottom-posted! ...

>> I have my mailing lists threaded, and it's nice to be able to just
>> read the first message in a thread and tell my mail reader that I'm
>> not interested in the rest of the messages in the thread.  I can't
>> imagine how you would do that with most-recent-first.  If you just
>> read the latest message in a thread and find that you're not
>> interested, you can't just kill the thread because you don't know if
>> that message is off on a tangent, or if you really aren't interested
>> in that thread.

> You do it your way.  I'll do it mine.  OK with you?

Sure.  I just wrote what I did because you brought up how you preferred
your way and that other people should try it, and I just explained why I
like my way.  I really couldn't care less how you read your email.

> I bottom post in this forum (mostly) because it's the norm here;
> etiquette probably requires that we accommodate the lowest common
> denominator.

Sure.  I'm not on any lists where top-posting is the norm, but when I
correspond with other people on a personal basis, where the thread has
no branches, and so it's easy to keep track of the conversation, I tend
to write like a regular letter -- the pen and paper kind.  (Why bother
keeping the context at all when the recipient already knows it?)

> But don't get all righteous about it, for heaven's sake!

I don't believe I was.  I was just trying to give reasons for why I
think that top-posting (in a mailing list context) is not a good thing
to do.

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