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Re: Recomended motherboard

On Mon, Jan 24, 2005 at 05:57:32PM -0800, Lance Lucas wrote:
> Where, exactly, can you read about a motherboard's Linux compatibility?

Usually typing "modelname debian" into google is a pretty good start.

> I understand your RTFM mentality, but I haven't seen a bonafied place
> for people with his type of question to go to.  

Pages such as this:

This page lists SPECIFIC recommendations for getting Debian running on a 
Specific model of laptop, in exhaustive detail.  It tells you exactly 
what is supported, to what degree, what doesn't work, and workarounds.

If there isn't a page for your particular brand, go to the 
manufacturer's website and download the specs for the wireless chipset, 
&c. and google that.

That's what I did when I bought my laptop.  First, I saw what was 
available and limited my choices to a few.  Then, I went and collected 
all possible data from manufacturer websites.  Then I googled 
"chipsetname + debian" and looked for pages somebody put up explaining 
exactly what to do.

I didn't simply blindly say "do this."  This is a technique I have 
actually performed.  Rather than by filtering a list which says "this 
works with Debian" I developed a list and filtered by what works with 

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