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Re: Recomended motherboard

Where, exactly, can you read about a motherboard's Linux compatibility?

I understand your RTFM mentality, but I haven't seen a bonafied place
for people with his type of question to go to.  

First you told him to get the hardware, then see if it works.  Now you
tell him to use "the thing called the Internet" to read about what
works.  However, most of that information simply isn't available.  When
a new mobo comes out, unless someone decides to blog their experiences,
where can you really find a good account of its compatibility with
Linux?  Both the kernel and hardware are changing rapidly and most of
this isn't making it into textual accounts that someone else can later

Lance Lucas

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> On Mon, Jan 24, 2005 at 01:15:20PM -0800, Lance Lucas wrote:
> > 
> > To the first poster, I don't think he has it backwards...he's asking about
> > products that are known to be well supported.  Not all of us can afford to
> > buy it all and use what works :).    
> That's why they have this thing called the Internet where you can read 
> up about products before you buy them.

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