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Re: Recomended motherboard

On Tue, 25 Jan 2005, Louis-Philippe Savoie wrote:

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> Lance Lucas a écrit :
> | Where, exactly, can you read about a motherboard's Linux compatibility?

all about mb


	- check for supported NIC chipset (look it up in yet another list)
	- check for supported svga chipset
	- check for supported audio chipset
	- check for supported lm_sensor chipset
	... semi-endless list ...

for 1u compatible mb

	( no vertical sound port for 1Us
	- single or dual cpu 
	- onboard single/dual nic, ( dual gigE ... )
	- onboard svga or console redirects

for deciding which mb .. what do you consider important "features"

	- what do you want to do with it ??

	- gamer's system(better svga), firewall(lots of nic), desktop,
	server(faster disks), .... 

	- what speed cpu do you want ... single or dual cpu ..

	- how much memory do you want ... ddr or pc-133
		PC-2700 or pc-3200 or pc-4000 or pc-super-fast

	- endless list of specs ...

	- what is your budget .. $50 or $1000 for motherboard
	and than add $$$ for cpu/disks/memory/...blah..blah ...
pick the motherboard that sounds good or that is one 1/2 price sale
at your favorite local pc store or mailorder shop
	- see what chipset it has .. precisely which chipset
	( sis900 or alixxxx or some-whacky-vendor-zzzz )

if it's on 1/2 price sale .. get that mb ... 

== until you can answer the "budget" questions or "specs/feature
== requirements" any and all mb will probably work in some 
== permutations .. 99% of all consumer mb work w/ linux

c ya

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