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Re: Linux gamers with Matrox cards, speak up please!

On Mon, Oct 04, 2004 at 11:03:35AM +0800, Paolo Alexis Falcone wrote:
> On Sun, 03 Oct 2004 19:30:38 -0700, Paul Johnson
> <baloo@ursine.dyndns.org> wrote:
> > Alex Nordstrom <alexander.nordstromDONT_CC_ME@tpg.com.au> writes:
> > > Now, I'm not sure how well Matrox meets the requirements of the OP in
> > > terms of price and 3D game performance. They seem, however, not to be
> > > quite as intent on being altogether evil as ATI and Nvidia, and they
> > > should be great fun if you like triple-head setups, but I do believe
> > > you pay for it as well. This is not based on first-hand experience, but
> > > I am seriously considering them for whenever I decide to put together
> > > some new hardware. (Not much of a gamer here, though.)
> > 
> > So can we hear from Matrox users about their experiences?
> > Particularly, from Linux gamers?
> Well, I'm using a very old Matrox Millenium II PCI card, and as far as
> 3D is concerned - it's a no go. Not so sure with the newer ones
> although I haven't seen Matrox cards claiming that they have OpenGL
> support on their cards' boxes.
> Price-wise - expensive, but the cards output good quality video for
> multiple screens.

I'm no gamer (got a playstation for that) but while my Matrox MGA 550 which
does have 3D drivers, the performance is nothing to write home about. I get
a max of about 403 FPS on glxgears on an AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2500+.  Tuxracer
is playable -- barely. 

Matrox is known for their high quality 2D, but for gaming you probably want
to look elsewhere.



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