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[OT] Video card recommendations.

Greetings list,

I will make this short.  Basically, I am fed up with
my Radeon video card.  Driver support from ATi sucks,
I can hardly play America's Army or Neverwinter Nights.
When I can play them, I am stuck with very low quality
compatibility textures.  I have tried several dri-trunk
packages (both specifically for Debian and manually
compiled) with and without the available S3TC patches.
None have worked, ranging from non-functional X to
locking up when trying to play one of the games.

To top it all off, for the longest time I have been
getting artifacts--in the way of garbled text characters
on the console and BIOS setup screens and lots of
random blue or red pixels in any graphical environment.
This is most aggravating.

What I would like to do is get an nVidia card.  Partly
because I am sick of ATi, and partly because my nForce2
motherboard will hopefully be a bit more compatible
with the nVidia card than it has been with the ATi

I would like to hear what models and brands of nVidia
cards the list members use and what their experiences
with those have been.  My card is a Radeon 9000 Pro
128 MB that cost US$ 85 in July '03.  I am looking for
something with comparable or better performance in the
sub-$100 range.

I guess this turned out a bit longer than I expected.
Thanks in advance for the insights and recommendations.

-Roberto Sanchez

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