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Re: If ATI and nVidia don't support their own products, who does?

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On Sunday, 3 Oct 2004 18:26, Caveman wrote:
> Frankly I think nvidia should get a clap on the back for making a
> driver. So its not Open Source, well frankly you are never going to
> get totally open source. There are always going to be purducts which
> are not fully open, but thats something I dont care about if it means
> better hardware support.
> I like a lot of people use linux, because its free and its better,
> the open source bit come futher down the list.

I think you've got that bass ackwards. It is better *because* it is 
Free, as video drivers would be if they were. To be honest, I have yet 
to see quality drivers from ATI or Nvidia, even for MS Windows.

Now, I'm not sure how well Matrox meets the requirements of the OP in 
terms of price and 3D game performance. They seem, however, not to be 
quite as intent on being altogether evil as ATI and Nvidia, and they 
should be great fun if you like triple-head setups, but I do believe 
you pay for it as well. This is not based on first-hand experience, but 
I am seriously considering them for whenever I decide to put together 
some new hardware. (Not much of a gamer here, though.)

Alex Nordstrom
Please do not CC me in followups; I am subscribed to debian-user.

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