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Linux gamers with Matrox cards, speak up please!

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Alex Nordstrom <alexander.nordstromDONT_CC_ME@tpg.com.au> writes:

> Please don't modify your reply-to header to exclude the list. I'm 
> interpreting the header as a wish to be CCed, which I respect; I expect 
> my signature to be treated with the same courtesy.

Use reply-to-list instead of reply and it'll do what you want it to
(in gnus at least).

> Now, I'm not sure how well Matrox meets the requirements of the OP in 
> terms of price and 3D game performance. They seem, however, not to be 
> quite as intent on being altogether evil as ATI and Nvidia, and they 
> should be great fun if you like triple-head setups, but I do believe 
> you pay for it as well. This is not based on first-hand experience, but 
> I am seriously considering them for whenever I decide to put together 
> some new hardware. (Not much of a gamer here, though.)

So can we hear from Matrox users about their experiences?
Particularly, from Linux gamers?
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