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Re: sarge?

On 2004-05-01, Derek Broughton penned:
> but why would you do that?  Sarge has been a perfectly good system for
> two years (iirc - it's too long ago for me to really remember when I
> upgraded) - and keeping pretty current, too.  So people who want
> extremely stable servers are still using Woody, but most end-users who
> have a clue have Sarge.  It would be nice to see it go stable, but I
> can't see that I'm getting very far behind the bleeding edge with
> Sarge (eg, KDE 3.2.2 came into sarge last week - just a couple of
> months after it was released)

Read through the threads from the last few weeks for discussions of why
sarge is *not* the version for end-uses who have a clue.

Summary: right now (ie, right before it's about to be released), testing
is pretty usable, but it's intended more as a developer sandbox than as
a useable system.  For that reason, expect the new testing version to
start breaking hard once sarge has been promoted to "stable" -- and
expect those breakages to take months to sort out.


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