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Re: uninstall Debian Linux

    I believe the cd I am installing from may be faulty. I made a boot disk
from it and it does the same thing when booted from.
    I get no messages to reply to.
    Tried the Debian boot cd and Linux booted to it alright.
    The Fedora cd came in a book I bought at barns & Nobles. I had gone
there to buy a Debian book but found none. It took me all afternoon to pick
out the Fedora book.  The had 6 books on the shelf. That kind of thing will
hurt Debian if many book stores do that.
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> Douglas Pollard wrote:
> > HS,
> >     I tried to boot with disc #1 Red Hat Linux Fedora. The monitor shows
> > what looks like files being loaded but is not. The on screen printing
> > to stay the same although it looks to be scrolling.  I took the disc out
> > the same thing continued  30 min. or so. I had to stop it by killing the
> > power to the computer.  I have Debian installed and was trying to
> > over top of it.
> >     Do I have to remove Debian first and of course if so how??
> >                                                                 Doug
> You shouldn't need to do anything special. When you insert the Fedora CD
> (I think you should insert the CD before you boot), it will ask you if
> you want to install Fedora. You say "yes" or something like this. During
> the course of the preparations it will show you the current disk
> partitions. Just tell it what partitions you want to use (/home,/usr,
> etc) or remove all partitions and make new ones according your own
> choice and specify that you want the partitions formatted. That is it.
> As you continue installation, everything will be deleted from the disk
> and Fedora will be installed.
> Feel free to ask if you still need help.
> GL,
> ->HS
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