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Re: uninstall Debian Linux

Douglas Pollard wrote:
    I tried to boot with disc #1 Red Hat Linux Fedora. The monitor shows
what looks like files being loaded but is not. The on screen printing seems
to stay the same although it looks to be scrolling.  I took the disc out and
the same thing continued  30 min. or so. I had to stop it by killing the
power to the computer.  I have Debian installed and was trying to install
over top of it.
    Do I have to remove Debian first and of course if so how??

You shouldn't need to do anything special. When you insert the Fedora CD (I think you should insert the CD before you boot), it will ask you if you want to install Fedora. You say "yes" or something like this. During the course of the preparations it will show you the current disk partitions. Just tell it what partitions you want to use (/home,/usr, etc) or remove all partitions and make new ones according your own choice and specify that you want the partitions formatted. That is it. As you continue installation, everything will be deleted from the disk and Fedora will be installed.

Feel free to ask if you still need help.


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