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Re: uninstall Debian Linux

Ken Gilmour wrote:
On Mon, 2004-03-01 at 18:04, Douglas Pollard wrote:

I installed debian from cd without any documentation other than what I have
been able to get on line.After struggling with it for a while, I bought a
Red hat Linux book with a couple cd's. With a book in front of me I hope to
do better. Can someone tell me how to uninstall Debian or install red hat
over top? Or at lest give me a link to a site where I can get the info.

Debian is an Operating System and does not need to be "uninstalled" you
simply put in your Redhat CD's and it will bring you to a part of the
installation process where it will ask you if you want to remove all
partitions, this will remove debian.

I would advise against using Redhat because the support for it is / is
nearly finished for it.

True for Redhat. But the new focus in RH is on Fedora. What was Redhat before is Fedora now -- Redhat is not free anymore but Fedora is. And Fedora is very actively supported in linux.redhat or any other newsgroups which was Redhat relevant. So in case of Fedora (which is just Redhat before release -- something similar to what is Sarge to Woody), you *do* have active support. How? You get notifications if any updates are due (with RHN icon). And you can use either apt-get or yum to automatically install the updates. No pain at all.

To the OP: If you want to try Redhat, try Fedora. The installation is a dream as compared to Debian. Debian installation might be easier if you were to use the new installed, or so they say.


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