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Re: sqwebmail authuserdb support in Debian package?

Eric Walstad wrote:

> Hi All,
> I'm trying to use non-system passwords with courier/sqwebmail.  From
> what I can mine from google, it appears that the authuserdb
> authentication method is best suited for my system of under 25 users.
> Can anyone tell me if authuserdb support is compiled into the Debian
> sqwebmail package (unstable)?  Even better, is there a way I can find
> out how the package was compiled (what configure switches were used)?
> I'm no Deb package guru.
> Assuming it can be done, does anyone have experience using authuserdb
> with the deb package?
> Any pointers to relevant info or suggestions are appreciated.  This may
> sound silly, but I'd appreciate pointers to docs that were installed
> with my courier packages, too.
> Thanks in advance for your time.
afaik authuserdb comes with courier-base package. any courier related
package that gets the the authentication from courier (and I'm pretty sure
sqwebmail is one of them) can use the userdb module. see man userdb and


> Eric.
> FYI,
> The system is Debian sarge.
> # dpkg -l | grep courier
> ii  courier-authda 0.42.2-10      Courier Mail Server - Authentication
> daemon
> ii  courier-base   0.42.2-10      Courier Mail Server - Base system
> ii  courier-doc    0.42.2-10      Courier Mail Server - Additional
> documentati
> ii  courier-imap   1.7.3-10       Courier Mail Server - IMAP daemon
> ii  courier-imap-s 1.7.3-10       Courier Mail Server - IMAP over SSL
> ii  courier-maildr 0.42.2-10      Courier Mail Server - Mail delivery
> agent
> ii  courier-pop    0.42.2-10      Courier Mail Server - POP3 daemon
> ii  courier-pop-ss 0.42.2-10      Courier Mail Server - POP3 over SSL
> ii  courier-ssl    0.42.2-10      Courier Mail Server - SSL/TLS Support
> ii  courier-webadm 0.42.2-10      Courier Mail Server - Web-based
> administrati

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