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Re: OT: why I don't want CCs

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On Sat, Jul 19, 2003 at 01:05:32AM -0400, Bijan Soleymani wrote:
> Ok so I was very wrong about this. I think this is very useful.
> What I meant is that if I go on the road with my laptop, I can connect
> to a net connection there and use the smtp server of the ISP
> there. With mozilla all I have to edit is one field (the outgoing mail
> server), I don't have to wait until I get home. With mutt I have to
> change some setting in my MTA, which I'd rather not mess with.

Whereas if you're running an MTA, you don't have to worry about
whatever network you're already on having one.

> This argument just doesn't make it. Mutt does filtering (shouldn't
> procmail be doing this). Mutt does IMAP and POP (shouldn't fetchmail
> and offlineimap do this). Mutt does encryption (ok so it probably runs
> gnupg in the background but still this means you can't use GENERICpg
> because it might not use exactly the same options).

What makes you think that mutt is hardcoded for GPG?  Yeah, mutt has
IMAP, IMAP makes sense since the whole point of IMAP is mailbox
synchronization.  Not sure why it does POP, and AFAIK it doesn't

> With all of those things you have an option of running an external
> program or using the built-in support of mutt. Sadly for me, I use
> external programs (fetchmail, procmail, spamassassin, and so on) for
> getting mail, but I would like mutt to handle just sending the
> mail. But for some reason only that part of the chain is taboo.

Again, what's wrong with using your own MTA?  Nobody's provided
reasonable evidence not to yet.

> However I find it odd that mutt receives mail (POP and IMAP), mutt
> filters mail, mutt shows summary of mail, mutt reads mail, but mutt
> doesn't send mail. If one wanted to be crazy about unix philosophy one
> would remove POP and IMAP, and remove filtering. Even the displaying
> of messages should have been passed on to less or more (I know mutt
> has it's own pager, but by unix logic it doesn't need it, just as it
> doesn't need an editor like pine's pico :).

You can use whatever preference in pager you want to use.

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