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Re: (Newbie) Knoppix.

The only thing interesting that I found, was with the "dmesg" command. The response was "eth0: Media Link Off". I have run into this response with Deb 3 rev. 1 as well. Don't know what it means one of the replies from the thread stated that it wasn't even in the source code!



Robert Epprecht wrote:

Brian Durant <durant@cbn.net.id> writes:

I checked Knoppix' web site, which directed to a page with "cheat
codes". I gave the command "knoppix noapic" at the boot prompt. When
the system started, I used "netcartconfig" to get the system to
broadcast a DHCP something or other. Unlike the other computers on my
WAN/LAN that I have tried this Knoppix system on, my daughter's
computer could not successfully get an IP address assigned with DHCP.

Sorry, I don't know much about network, DHCP and the like.
Let's hope somebody who does will jump in on the list and give you better
help than I can...

Maybe checking the log files could give useful information,
but I'don't know how Knoppix handles these. Does your system boot at all?

If so try saying dmesg and look for something related to your network card.

Also lspci could give hints.

Then you could look into the /var/log/ directories if you find something.
Post it on the list, if you happen to find something which looks related
to your problem.

Good luck,

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