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Re: New To Debian - Couple of Questions

* Joe Giles (jgiles@joeman1.com) wrote:
> List,
> I am new to Debian and have a couple of generic questions. I have used
> Red Hat for years and I'm fairly comfortable with Linux. Here are some
> questions I have:
> 1> Is there a facility like Red Hat(up2date) where I can update packages
> on my system? Will apt-get work?

$apt-get update

will update the records of the packages on your system.

$apt-get upgrade

will get all the new versions and install them.

if you're running woody, there won't be any real updates other than
security though.

> 2> Is the Kernal hacked and patched like the RedHat kernel?

yep. sanely though. :D

> 3> Would you rather just download the ISO's or would you rather use the
> jigdo app?


jigdo is spectacularly cool.


wh33, y1p33 3tc.

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