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Re: New To Debian - Couple of Questions

Joe Giles (jgiles@joeman1.com) wrote:
> 1> Is there a facility like Red Hat(up2date) where I can update packages
> on my system? Will apt-get work?

Apt-get is totally more flexible than up2date.

I'm a recent convert from RedHat. In fact, I've just completed transitioning 
my four home network boxes from RH 7.2 to Debian Sid (unstable) with a fifth 
box that serves as a web/mail/firewall server now running Debian Woody 

Check out Knoppix: http://www.knopper.net/knoppix/index-en.html - It offers a 
one command HD install from CD. I used it to install Debian on three boxes, 
then used 'apt-get dist-upgrade ' to convert them to unstable.

Network install is great too, if you have a broadband connection. For an iMac 
I booted from a  1.44Mb image and installed a base system, then dist-upgrade 
to move up to Sid. 

Jeff Elkins

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