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Re: Dummy

That's OK: There is a program called RPM in Debian which does it. Apparently
I did it already, but I couldn't test my modem because I do not have
permission to dial. Gnome says I should add myself to the dialing group, but
I still do not know how to do that. I only played with Gnome for about an
hour. I'll have another go in a while.


Teilhard Knight
The Extraterrestrial

Who ate my sandwich?

> I got this reply, but this is now in the middle of the night
> --
> David
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> From: Teilhard Knight [mailto:teilhk@yifan.net]
> Sent: Friday, February 28, 2003 11:16 PM
> To: David Turetsky
> Subject: Re: Dummy
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> > Teilhard Knight wrote:
> >
> > ...
> > >Also, the installation cannot detect my external USB modem (I have
> one
> > >internal, but it is a Win Modem, so I have no hopes to use it in
> > Linux). But
> > >I have the Linux drivers (.rpm), but I do not have the slightest idea
> > of how
> > >to install them.  Can you also help here?
> >
> > It may not rank high among your concerns, but there is spotty support
> > for Win Modems. A week ago with help from this list I just installed
> an
> > HSP56 MicroModem I bought from CompUSA (which was not identified as a
> > Win Modem) and it's been running fine
> >
> > If you want to pursue this, give the list a detailed description of
> the
> > modem
> Thank you, David. I surely will. I do not do it here because I think a
> new
> post will be read more easily than a reply. I know now how to install my
> drivers for the USB one.
> Teilhard Knight
> The Extraterrestrial
> Who ate my sandwich?

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