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(Newbie) Knoppix.

I didn't want to butt onto someone else's thread, I hope I did this the right way 8-) I have tried the Knoppix CD to test out some SiS 900 driver and DHCP problems on my daughter's computer. Even though it didn't work, I was very impressed by Knoppix. I have some questions:

1) I suppose the best route is to try to boot the CD on the box that I would like to install Knoppix on, first? 2) Is Knoppix, Debian? What I mean is that if I install Knoppix on my hard drive, I could use the Debian 3 rev. 1 CDs that I have burned to install other packages or localization files that I need by using "apt-get" and using the CDs as a source? Is it fully or only partially compatible with Deb? 3) I have looked at the Knoppix FAQ and it looks like it doesn't support ReiserFS at this time? Howcan that be when Debian does? 4) Are disk partition suggestions for Knoppix similar to those for a Debian install, i.e. "/", "/boot", "/dev/shm" (or swap), "/var", "/home"? 5) I notice that besides the file system and partition issues, there seem to be some issues mentioned in the FAQ that I don't really understand about the fstab, lilo.conf and symlinks in /boot that need to be edited. Don't get me wrong. I would rather deal with all of this than deal with the toady Debian install and configure setup with tasksel and dselect, but I am not sure that I could do it without help. 6) USB support for Zip drives and support for printers (mine is a parallel connected Epson C 80) included?



Jeff Elkins wrote:

Joe Giles (jgiles@joeman1.com) wrote:
1> Is there a facility like Red Hat(up2date) where I can update packages
on my system? Will apt-get work?

Apt-get is totally more flexible than up2date.

I'm a recent convert from RedHat. In fact, I've just completed transitioning my four home network boxes from RH 7.2 to Debian Sid (unstable) with a fifth box that serves as a web/mail/firewall server now running Debian Woody (stable.)

Check out Knoppix: http://www.knopper.net/knoppix/index-en.html - It offers a one command HD install from CD. I used it to install Debian on three boxes, then used 'apt-get dist-upgrade ' to convert them to unstable.

Network install is great too, if you have a broadband connection. For an iMac I booted from a 1.44Mb image and installed a base system, then dist-upgrade to move up to Sid.
Jeff Elkins

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