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Re: (Newbie) Knoppix.

On March 2, 2003 06:43 am, Brian Durant wrote:
> The only thing interesting that I found, was with the "dmesg" command.
> The response was "eth0: Media Link Off". I have run into this response
> with Deb 3 rev. 1 as well. Don't know what it means one of the replies
> from the thread stated that it wasn't even in the source code!

If your cable is in fact intact, you may be seeing a documented bug in the 
2.4.18 version of the sis900 driver.  Typing your error message "eth0: media 
link off" into google, I found:


This message suggests a workaround patch, but I didn't find any bugs reported 
at bugzilla.kernel.org.


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