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Re: (Newbie) Knoppix.

I checked Knoppix' web site, which directed to a page with "cheat codes". I gave the command "knoppix noapic" at the boot prompt. When the system started, I used "netcartconfig" to get the system to broadcast a DHCP something or other. Unlike the other computers on my WAN/LAN that I have tried this Knoppix system on, my daughter's computer could not successfully get an IP address assigned with DHCP.



Robert Epprecht wrote:

Brian Durant <durant@cbn.net.id> writes:

The reply from Knoppix was: "Could not find kernel image noacpi." I am
using KNOPPIX_V3.1-2003-01-20-EN.iso.

This means that Knoppix believes you want to load a kernel named noapic,
which is not what you want ;-)  You want the knoppix default kernel and
pass the boot parameter 'noapic' to it.

If I recall correctly you have to say something like
knoppix noapic
at the boot prompt, but can't test it right now. I think you can press
some key (I think it was F2) to see boot options. Knoppix tells you which
key to press.

Good luck, Robert

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