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Re: shuttle disaster

On Sun, Feb 09, 2003 at 12:39:24AM -0600, Ron Johnson wrote:
> > And at that, Canadian Forces are basically the British Forces but
> > flying the Red Ensign instead.  I took history from a US perspective,
> > and I still see that the British more than held thier own.  America
> If the US hadn't chipped in with more ships and long range bombers,
> all the valiant work of the RN & RCN would hae come up short.

I'm not entirely convinced of this, to be honest with you.  If we were
talking the RA and RCA in northern Europe, you're right.  But even
then, the RCA and RA was leading us into battle (not that this is a
bad thing, the RA is more local and probaly had a slightly better idea
of the local geography than the American and RCA soldiers did).

> All during the CW, the French steered a much more independant military
> course, having their own, non-integrated nuclear policy, and not
> being fully integrated into NATO.

Hence bombing whales with nukes in the mid-Atlantic clear into the 1990s.

> I wonder if that's because (as I understand it) most Franch partisans
> during the war were communists, and many other French fell right in 
> with the Nazis? 
> http://www.bobfromaccounting.com/4_22_02/francesurrenders.html
> (The French are most ungrateful we twice hauled their arses out of
> the fire.)

Well, my understanding is in World War II, when France practically
opened thier doors to the Germans, most everyone said, "Never mind the
holocaust they want to bring with them, it's nice having some *sane*
leadership around here for a change!"
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