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Re: Where is Debian going?

On Thu, 2002-07-11 at 09:20, ben wrote:
> On Thursday 11 July 2002 12:28 am, Paul Johnson wrote:
> > Hash: SHA1
> >
> > On Thu, Jul 11, 2002 at 08:39:50AM +0200, Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von 
> Bidder wrote:
> > > A 'better not go there unless you know what you are doing' feeling is
> > > perhaps exactly what is intended by the names 'testing' and 'unstable'.
> >
> > Exactly.  Not to sound exclusionary, but the last thing any free
> > software project needs, much less one of Debian's scale, is a few
> > thousand gnubies groping the unstable tree and filing uninformative,
> > useless bug-reports by the dozens and posting to the mailing lists
> > whining, "I'm running $politically-correct-substitute-for-unstable,
> > something broke, and you all suck because of it."  It gets us nowhere.
> >
> > Wording doesn't need to be changed, in fact, it's a Good Thing.  Keeps
> > the gnubies in stable where they may benefit from having a much larger
> > number of people and with a software base where, at this point, we've
> > determined we've got a good idea how all this goes together and know
> > what can go wrong and how to fix it (oppose unstable, "Something broke.
> > What a surprise...").
> >
> very well put, baloo. the way the system works, those who want to move from 
> potato to woody and/or woody to sid tend to cautiously word their requests 
> for info on making that change. the end result is that people end up where 
> they want to be, in the full knowledge that they are responsible for what 
> they do. the resources necessary to manage any such transition are freely 
> available. there are no mysteries involved. one can't help but notice that 
> all the clamouring for abandonment of what actually works tends to emanate 
> from the gnubies. still, i'm sure that if they hang out here long enough to 
> make sense of what they don't yet understand, the underlying wisdom of the 
> system will become more apparent.
> the bottom line for me is always that because of the near maniacal brilliance 
> and dedication of a bunch of people who don't get paid a dime for their 
> efforts, i get to use the absolutely best operating system that money can't 
> buy--not to mention the crap for which people actually pay. forget whining 
> about your personal aversions to distro naming and, instead, offer a word of 
> thanks to the developers, the maintainers, the packagers, and the doc authors 
> whose product is proof enough of their right to name any and every part of 
> debian whatever they please. it's blatantly obvious you couldn't do better, 
> so get a grip, settle down, and start learning about what you've got before 
> hogging up bandwidth bleating about non-issues.


Apologies, I wasn't complaining. I was merely mentioning that perhaps
providing these extra names would make it easier to understand for

I understand the desire to keep the newbies away but should we really
make it so difficult for them to start on a distro that makes life so
much easier and using your machine enjoyable. They'll just go to redhat,
get fed up and go back to windows. Sure, no real loss for debian, but
for them it could be and all because debian is a little hostile to

Please dont get me wrong. I am not putting this list down since it is a
godsend for newbies. I was merely trying to suggest a way to make it 

Also for the record, I am indeed very grateful to the developers and try
my best to do my bit.


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