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Re: Where is Debian going?

>>>>> "Shri" == Shri Shrikumar <shri@urbyte.com> writes:


Shri> I understand the desire to keep the newbies away but should we
Shri> really make it so difficult for them to start on a distro that
Shri> makes life so much easier and using your machine
Shri> enjoyable.

Ideally (IMHO), a newbie shouldn't have to see anything except for
stable (and previous releases), which is version-numbered like everyone
is used to.  We're running into problems because there is a large gap
between woody's release and potato's release, and because woody has been
essentially-stable for several months.  Both issues have already been
discussed.  Because of this, woody is becoming a better choice than
potato for new installations.

If the developers can get release rates down to something more
reasonable, and the release process itself is fairly quick so that
stable doesn't contain months-old packages, newbies will be able to use
stable without complaining about being stuck with old packages.

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