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Re: Where is Debian going?

> I understand the desire to keep the newbies away but should we really
> make it so difficult for them to start on a distro that makes life so
> much easier and using your machine enjoyable. They'll just go to
> redhat, get fed up and go back to windows. Sure, no real loss for
> debian, but for them it could be and all because debian is a little
> hostile to newbies.,

I'm not a linux newbie but I am a debion newbie.  I would of gotten into
it a year ago had woody install docs beed easily found from the web site. 
I followed the docs, installed potato and I thought Debian sucked because
of the 2.2 kernel and other things.  Not until a couple of months ago a
new debion fan programmer started working here and hand held me through
the first couple steps.  Now I'm a fan running woody!

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