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Re: Laptop mounting nfs

On Tue, Jul 09, 2002 at 10:57:32PM +0100, Keith O'Connell wrote:
> > > What about:
> > > 
> > > MOUNTS="remote_machine:/home remote_machine:/mnt/store"
> > > 
> > > Just a stab in the dark.
> > 
> > A good one. That's how I have it and it works fine.
> Well I tried it and it didn't work. I have come to the conclusion that
> even if I do get it to work by using network.opts I still won't know
> why, or what is going on. I just do not have the background knowledge
> to hold it all together in my head yet.
> Anyway if I take the noauto out of the nfs lines in the fstab and run
> a small script containing
> 		mount -av
> 		/etc/init.d/ntpdate
> 	....then I have done it all anyway. I now just need to look up
> 	how to run a script at boot time, in the right place in the
> 	order. I think I should really know this any way. I shall
> 	revisit pcmcia  nic again in a few months. Thats the thing about
> 	linux, you have to learn everything *and* you have to learn it
> 	in the right order as well!
Look into network.opt more and FAQ :)

     One consequence of this flexibility is that the entire network
configuration must be done through the /etc/pcmcia/network script.  This
includes mounting NFS directories.  Note that, while this script
automatically does many useful things, it is difficult to anticipate
everything that a Linux user would like to do.  That is why the start_fn
and stop_fn functions have been provided in the network.opts file; they are
a catch-all for allowing the user to do absolutely anything when the
network interface is brought up or down.

Thus hack this portion:

is_true $PUMP || is_true $BOOTP || is_true $DHCP || is_true $DHCLIENT || \
if [ ! "$IPADDR" -a -f /etc/network/interfaces ] ; then
    INFO="Debian network setup"
    start_fn () {
        log /sbin/ifup $1
    stop_fn () {
        log /sbin/ifdown $1

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