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Re: Howto create a custom-kernel Debian ISO?

> Hi, thanks for the suggestion... I've tried that already, what happened was
> that it presented me with the gui, and trying to set the keyboardlayout, it
> told me /tmp/'something' wasn't writable. (The machine is at work, hence the
> uncomplete error). What worked better was booting of a win98 bootdisk and
> then run /install/boot.bat from a copy of the cd I burned with the kernel
> replaced. It works well until the kernel & modules are to be installed...
> Some things are missing/not readable, even though everything seem to be in
> place browsing it in windows. That's why I'd like to try to create a "true"
> Debian ISO with the patched kernel instead. If you get your cd working,
> please let me know how you did?
> Thanks, Pontus

When you tried the floppy method, did you run rdev (or similar name)
with the right argument (or edited the script)?  When I did this the
first times I got the same problem.  Someone pointed me to rdev
arguments, and I then found out that for some reason the default
parameters make things mount read only.  You can either remount it
writeable when the problem occurs (when installing), or change the rdev
script (and run it) so that the mountpoints gets mounted writeable.
  Since it was a while ago I did this things might have changed, but it
could be worth a check.

As for the cd attempts, you did update all modules to match the new
kernel version, right?  Otherwise I don't think modconf will find/use
them, thus you can't load them when installing.  Thats why I suggested
to make all necesary drivers built in the kernel.
  (At least I think that is what happens, but when it comes to module
configuration/usage you should realy ask someone else...)

// Emil

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