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Re: Howto create a custom-kernel Debian ISO?

On Friday 01 March 2002 19.38, Emil Pedersen wrote:
> Pontus Edvardsson wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I've been spending the last two days struggling with installing Debian on
> > a Dell PowerEdge 4400 server. The problem is that the raid card (Perc
> > 3/Di) does need to be enabled in the kernel to be detected correctly. I
> > have compiled a kernel that detects it, but now I'm confused about how to
> > get Debian installed, using this custom kernel...
> >
> > One way as I figure, would be to create a bootable ISO of the Debian cd
> > and include my kernel. The question is, how would I go about that? Should
> > I use mkisofs? If so how do I get the ISO correct?
> You could quite easily use the installation diskette (just replace the
> standard kernel with a (perc-) patched one), at least if you got the
> drivers you need to install the system built in.  (Of course you can do
> that with the drivers built as modules too, but that I've newer done and
> don't know how.)
>   Then when your system is installed, just compile a new kernel with the
> drivers as modules if you want.
> Admitely it's not the best neatest way, but it
> 's reasonably simple (and
> I know ot works since I've done it).
> (I will probably try to build a "speciallized" installation cd rather
> soon, but for the moment I can not help you with that.)
> Best regards,
> 	Emil

Hi, thanks for the suggestion... I've tried that already, what happened was 
that it presented me with the gui, and trying to set the keyboardlayout, it 
told me /tmp/'something' wasn't writable. (The machine is at work, hence the 
uncomplete error). What worked better was booting of a win98 bootdisk and 
then run /install/boot.bat from a copy of the cd I burned with the kernel 
replaced. It works well until the kernel & modules are to be installed... 
Some things are missing/not readable, even though everything seem to be in 
place browsing it in windows. That's why I'd like to try to create a "true" 
Debian ISO with the patched kernel instead. If you get your cd working, 
please let me know how you did?
Thanks, Pontus

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