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Re: Howto create a custom-kernel Debian ISO?

Pontus Edvardsson wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been spending the last two days struggling with installing Debian on a
> Dell PowerEdge 4400 server. The problem is that the raid card (Perc 3/Di)
> does need to be enabled in the kernel to be detected correctly. I have
> compiled a kernel that detects it, but now I'm confused about how to get
> Debian installed, using this custom kernel...
> One way as I figure, would be to create a bootable ISO of the Debian cd and
> include my kernel. The question is, how would I go about that? Should I use
> mkisofs? If so how do I get the ISO correct?

You could quite easily use the installation diskette (just replace the
standard kernel with a (perc-) patched one), at least if you got the
drivers you need to install the system built in.  (Of course you can do
that with the drivers built as modules too, but that I've newer done and
don't know how.)
  Then when your system is installed, just compile a new kernel with the
drivers as modules if you want.

Admitely it's not the best neatest way, but it's reasonably simple (and
I know ot works since I've done it).

(I will probably try to build a "speciallized" installation cd rather
soon, but for the moment I can not help you with that.)

Best regards,

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