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Re: Netboot E250 -- tftp problem

Martin wrote:
On Wed, 2008-01-23 at 09:38 +0800, Hero_xbd!.RRR wrote:

This seems vaugely familiar.  I have a vauge memory of having problems
getting a Sun machine to netboot and finding out it was a cabling
problem.  Have you tried swaping the Sun machine for another boxen and
pulling the netboot file from the server?  This should tell you if it's
a cabling / switch problem.
I have successfully pulled the files through TFTP to my PC in dormitory (TFTP server is at lab). Does it infer there is no problem here?

That depends on the architecture of the network.  If it's something like

PC in dorm <--> ... some network ... <--> switch <--> server

(Where arrows are ethernet cables)

then you will have tested all but the cable that goes from the switch to
the E250.  If your topology is different then what you have tested will
be different.
Hmm, I think I can interchange the cable of E250 and server to test(The Switch is not accessible to me now)
PS If you get really stuck netbooting, you could pull the disks, dump a
minimal filesystem on them and then boot from disk.
E250 is using an old scsi interface. Here in my university you can rarely see scsi, and if there is one, it is of new interface...

I myself is not fimilar with scsi, I do not know the specification of the bus(I know they're different, one is old one is new)

Oh, perhaps I can have an IDE PCI card on E250 use an IDE HDD to boot. While I am still curious about what is blocking me from netbooting...

Xu, Benda

Fundamental Science of Mathematics and Physics,
Tsinghua University, Beijing, P.R.China


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