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Netboot E250 -- tftp problem

Hi, everybody!

I am trying to install a debian-sparc system on an old Enterprise 250(E250) in our lab.

The CD-ROM on E250 is broken, so I need to do netboot and installation.

The problem is when netboot, there are problem with tftp downloading.

What I have done:

1. Setup a netboot server(Debian Sid i386), with rarpd and tftpd-hpa.
1.1. Edit /etc/ether and start rarpd.
1.2. Start tftpd-hpa(standalone, without inetd) with "-l -s /tftpboot -r blksize" option(edited in /etc/default/tftpd-hpa).
1.3. Getting a file from tftp server at another workstation works.

2. Turn on E250(in the same LAN as netboot server), Press Stop-A to get the OPENBOOT prompt, issue"boot net", it reads that:
Boot device:/pci@1f,4000/network@1,1 File and Args:
Time out waiting for ARP/RARP packet
4200 Data Access Error
and throw me to the "ok" prompt again.

3.1 To solve the problem, I did "net-watch-all" in E250's OPENBOOT prompt, it returned no error. 3.2 I used Wireshark(aka. ethereal) to sniffer network packets, It shows that E250 has issued a RARP query, and netboot server has respond one then E250 has got an IP address(But when I ping from netboot server to E250, it gives no response). Then E250 has queried an image file named according to its newly received IP address(hexadecimal, I can also see in tftp's log this request), but when netboot server respond with the tftp packet, wireshark shows the udp packet encapsuring tftp data has "udp checksum error"

4. The hardware of netboot server is:

CPU: Intel Cereron 1.7 Ghz
Chipset: Intel i845G
NIC: Realtek 8139


I don't know what to do now, I have tried everything I know and everything I can find on the net, but still stack with this problem. Please give me some suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

Xu, Benda

Fundamental Science of Mathematics and Physics,
Tsinghua University, Beijing, P.R.China


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