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Re: BibTeX file from debian/upstream data (Was: New Debian Science metapackages)

Le Fri, May 04, 2012 at 12:07:12PM +0200, Andreas Tille a écrit :
>   1. Your way to add "Please cite as" is a missuse of the publication
>      field (as you probably agree because you wrote "hacked") and to
>      clarify this I will rename the rendering on the tasks pages to
>         "Publication(s)"
>      (Please provide an even better wording if this remains missleading)

Hi Andreas and everybody,

I think that the key information that we need to give to our users is how to
cite a work that we packaged, rather than where to read about it.  In most of
the case it will be the same, but for some programs it will differ.  What is
important is that we follow the upstream developers instructions, because the
they know which of the citations count or the URL hit count will affect their

Typical journals limit the number of references per article, and the first to
be deleted are the ones for the programs that are easy to find with Google.  If
the authors have established their work as a URL rather than as a peer-reviewed
manuscript, it also can be fine with some other publishers, and I think that
BibTeX files and citation managers are able to handle this situation through
fields such as "URL". 

So I would tend to agree with Mickael and propose to have the "Please cite as"
information as the first reference, regardless if it is a peer-reviewed article
or not.



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