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Re: science-imageanalysis (Was: [RFC] New task: science-dataacquisition)

Andreas Tille <tillea@rki.de> writes:

> On Sun, 14 Dec 2008, Chris Walker wrote:
> > I don't feel the description fully captures what I want it to say, so
> > suggestions for improvement appreciated. The name is not set in stone
> > either.
> Looks good.


I chose "Numerical computation" - with the intent of including
packages that fill the same space as Matlab and IDL. This is a clear,
distinct group, large enough to merit it. There may still be scope for
a "Data Analysis" task which could reference this one.

> > ...
> > Depends: gnudatalanguage
> > Why: numerical programming environment compatible with IDL
> One thing I like about thes tasks pages is that you immediately see
> that something si broken with control information: IMHO the long
> description is actually no *long* description but only a hint for
> some specialists who know IDL.


> It should deserve a wishlist bug report.

It does. Can I encourage people to file similar bug reports, as I have
had a good response when I've done so. 

A significant number of packages, including pdl, also lack a homepage
field. I have been holding off filing these bugs until lenny is
released (but maybe I should file them now).


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