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Re: science-imageanalysis (Was: [RFC] New task: science-dataacquisition)

On Thu, 11 Dec 2008, Thibaut wrote:

I believe Yorick should be there too.

Rationale: it's an interpreted language à la IDL/GDL, many people use this for analysing data, including images (e.g. astronomical).

From the description (apt-cache show yorick) I'm unable to see a very specific
connection to image analysis.

By the way, a "data analysis" task may make more sense than "image analysis". Depends on how fine grained you want these tasks to be.

IMHO yorick would be a nice target for a dataanalysis task - any opinions
about such a task and further tragets?

Anybody volunteering to edit the tasks files accordingly.  I promised to
kickstart Debian Science tasks files and I hope nobody thinks I failed in
this - but from a pedagogical point of view I should stop doing this simple
editing here and leave it to somebody who would focus his work more on Debian
Science than me (who is busy enough with Debian Med).

Kind regards



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