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Re: [RFC] New task: science-dataacquisition

On Tue, 8 Dec 2008, Chris Walker wrote:

Depends: g3data

Done in SVN.

Other packages - yes, Steffen Moeller's suggestion of qtdmm sounds

Done in SVN.

On the physics wiki page, I list

libgpib (boris)

Suggests: libgpib-bin

libcomedi (boris)

Depends: ktimetrace

and link to

   "G. Varoquaux has written an interesting article describing the
    use of python and pyvisa for experimental control. Agile computer
    control of a complex experiment. Computing in Science and
    Engineering 10(2), 55 (2008)."
   "Writing a graphical application for scientific programming using

pyvisa isn't a debian package.

Done as prospective package.

There are also unofficial debs of TANGO - again linked to from the
physics wiki. Unfortunately, there is an ITP for another completely
unrelated package called tango recently announced on debian-devel.

Done as prospective package.  Any volunteer to sponsor this package?
And yes, I have seen the tango ITP - but I do not really remember whether
somebody stepped in here and discussed the possible name clash.  Please
anybody interested in tango should do so ...

http://mx.iit.edu/ MX - A Data Acquisition and Control System. Is not

Done as prospective package.

http://www.aps.anl.gov/epics/ Experimental Physics and Industrial
Control System is used in some particle accelerators, telescopes and
other large scientific experments.

Done as prospective package.

Depends: gnudatalanguage

It isn't clear to me why you think this should be under data
acquisition - any more than octave,matplotlib,pdl,scilab,freemat -
listed in the "Numerical Computation (MATLAB/IDL like)" section of the
physics wiki page[1].

Well, there is no really strong opinion on my side.  I turned the
Depends into Suggests.  Feel free to either remove it completely or
add the other ones as well - depending what you feel reasonable for
people who want to prepare a computer for data acquisition tasks.

You might make an argument that

   * gpiv gpivtools A collection of programs for images that are
     generated during a Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)
     experiment. This is a technique to obtain the velocity field of
     a fluid flow quantitatively and is performed by tracking tracer
     particles that have been seeded to a fluid.

would be a good candidate - I'm not sure.

I added this as Suggests.

If the task gets big enough,
then I think that this along with g3data and engauge-digitizer should
be split into an "Extracting data from images" task.

I'm no fan of to many tasks.

The robotics task has

Libcv1 - a computer vision library

What do you want to tell me by this?

The result can be viewed at


[1] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianScience/Physics

Interesting page.  Do you want to save some time while generating nicer and
more feature rich output?  If yes you should tell me that you volunteer to


after I gave you a kick-start by turning the entries from your wiki into
tasks files (which I could probably do until Sunday).  The immediate effect
would be to have finer grained tasks pages for physics packages (including
translations for those packages where DDTP has translations), bugs pages
and hopefully soon an overview about watch status.  The long term effect
would be that there might evolved a grown up Debian Physics Blend.  Your
Wiki can be considered as the first step - IMHO it is time to do the next.

Regarding the time saving aspect: The dataacquisition page took me about
15 minutes (the green entries only one minute, the othes costs some
research on upstream websites).  Do you think the Wiki can compete with

Kind regards



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